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Spread Your Wings and Fly!

The Kathryn Leigh Thurgaland Foundation is thrilled to announce the graduation of our first scholarship recipient, Matia Prescott!

Matia graduated February 18th, 2023, and received a certificate in The Integrated Conservatory from The American Musical and Dramatic Academy of New York City! After excelling in her studies of the performing arts, Matia is now making her debut at 54 Below in a new musical “Ghost Girls”!

Matia will be featured in this 1920’s historical adaptation premiering March 30th, 2023, at 54 Below in New York City! This is a sentimental achievement as she will have the opportunity to work with her very first pianist from AMDA, Bryan Blaskie. Matia met Bryan just twelve hours after moving to NYC, on her first day of classes and is thrilled to have him along with her on her New York professional debut!

Matia is also working on an original play, “The Space Between Us” which can be found on Instagram, @thespacebetweenusplay and will be premiering this summer at the New York Theater Festival. “All of these full circle moments recently have really been making me feel sentimental and grateful for the life I’ve chosen and the help I’ve had along the way” – Matia

Seeing Matia following her dreams, creating, and spreading light really exemplifies the kind of spirit we admire. What a gift it is to live a life driven by inspiration and creativity! We are so proud of Matia’s journey so far and look forward to watching her bright future continue to unfold.

The Board members of the KLT Foundation are currently reviewing this year's scholarship applications and have received twice as many as last year! We expect the decision to be a tough one, with so many deserving students applying. We will be announcing the recipient of the 2023 Kathryn Leigh Thurgaland scholarship in May so stay tuned.

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