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Grief Week

Do you personally know someone who needs our help? Let us know.

Email us at, or fill out the form on our contact page. Please provide as much detail as you can; who passed away, who are the family members, are there any applicable details about the situation you think would help us understand what is needed, etc.

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The KLT foundation offers support to families who have lost a child in the same way that our family was helped by friends, family, and our local community when we lost our 18 year old daughter and sister, Kathryn Leigh Thurgaland, suddenly in a car crash.


Losing a child is the most devastating event that can happen to a family.  The level of grief is so intense that it stops everything, initiating a complete paralysis of normal daily thoughts and actions. 

The routine of life and living is disrupted so dramatically that there are no words to describe it.  It affects the immediate family physically, emotionally, neurologically, mentally, spiritually, and psychologically in unimaginable ways.  It’s an unfortunate exclusive club that you are involuntarily inducted into, and only the members truly know the level of pain they share and must endure.  It is during this time of crippling grief that family and community support is so important.  

We know we can't take away the pain, but we can offer support and take away some of the stress by taking care of some of the everyday things like food and supplies needed for you and your family, and those close to you who are able to visit and be there for you. Thanks to our contributors we are able to provide:


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The Kathryn Leigh Thurgaland Foundation guidelines to initiate our Grief Week response for a family is directly related to our experience and our story.  It’s what inspired us to create the KLT Foundation, to help parents and siblings who have lost a child.


Each situation is different, special, unique, and truly impactful to us. We try to help in the best ways we can whenever we are made aware of a life taken too soon.


Our program focuses mainly on the loss of a child; someone 18 or younger.

Grief Week services: (Supplies, grief care package, catered meals for a week, funds)


We also recognize that a “child” is not always easily defined by age. The KLT Foundation considers a variety of factors when informed about the death of a young one, who is older than 18 and offers different services on a case by case basis.


Losing a loved one and having to adapt to living with grief is a lifelong journey.  We deeply sympathize and relate to anyone who is grieving a death in the family, as much as we wish to, our humble foundation does not have the financial means and volume of volunteers needed to help everyone at the same level, with our “grief week response”.  

At the very least, however, we provide resources in hopes of helping families cope with the loss of a family member and navigate through the initial shock and lifelong grief. These resources are provided through our resource page.  Here you will find things that we personally have found helpful…anecdotes, advice, counsel, inspirational items, and books; and we hope that they also help you  through your grief journey.  Realize that you are not alone. There are other grieving families just like yours, and we believe that your lost loved one is not completely gone, but rather still with you, watching over you. 

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