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Love of Life Festival
May 11, 2024


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We are actively searching for sponsors. If you, or someone you know may be interested in being a sponsor for the 3rd annual Love of Life Festival please contact us. More information can be found on our Sponsors page.

Celebrate life through art and music.

Located behind 3400 NW 95th Ave Rd Ocala, FL 34482

Art vendors, food trucks, raffles & silent auctions, interactive and demonstration events, kids' zone, beer tent, live musical performances, and more!

The Love of Life Festival is a fundraising event, where all proceeds go towards the Kathryn Leigh Thurgaland Foundation.

If you didn’t know Kathryn, this is our opportunity to introduce her to you. If you knew her then this is our chance to re-introduce you.
The most interactive way we can do that is with our KLT LOL festival.
We started the foundation as a means of remembering Kathryn. As a means of introducing Kathryn to other people. To show people who Kathryn was and how she lived.
We started the foundation to help lift people's spirits.
The intentions of the KLT foundation are not only to support, and sponsor, but to live in a free spirited way that reminds us of KayLeigh; through music, art, and dance. Every year our biggest fundraiser will be a festival hosting various vendors, artists and musical talents. The details are still in the works, but is scheduled in May, the month Kathryn was born.

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