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If any flame could burn forever it would be our own. As bright as a star, as light as a feather, we'll never be alone.~ Kathryn Thurgaland


Grief Week

Soon after Kathryn’s death, we realized through the fog of grief that we were not alone. Now part of this secret and awful club of aching souls left behind by loved ones gone too soon. The way forward is through it and the way through it, is together. Thinking back to the swooping and supportive embrace from our family and friends during that first week of grief, we don’t know what we would’ve done without them.


One of Kathy’s bandmates told us that she was always one of the first to help people. As a focus of our mission we intend to provide that same immediate support that was given to us, giving families supplies they need to help wade through the deep waters of shock, unknown, and grief that follows the loss of a child. Learn More



Another focus of our mission is to continue Kathryn’s legacy and spread her light through scholarships to graduating seniors as they venture into the world as adults off to college. Kathryn is described as being a steadfast leader, taking every opportunity to dance and have fun without hesitation. We hope this scholarship inspires the awardees and others to see life the way she did. Learn More

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