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We offer scholarships to high school graduates leading inspired lives.


What is meant by leading an inspired life?

To live an inspiring life means that you are living life to the fullest. It also means that you are living a meaningful life that is based on your passion and your life's true calling. By doing so, you can feel the happiness most people are just dreaming to have.

"If you're living an inspiring life, you can also inspire other people to do the same. This can be a contagious way of living your life to have more and more people to do the same." ~ Rebecca Crespo

Everyone who knew KayLeigh, knew that she lived an inspired life!

While we grow and learn more regarding the regulations concerning scholarship programs, our foundation will be awarding graduates of The Villages Charter School by being a part of the Buffalo Scholarship Foundation.

The KLT foundation believes strongly in continuing to honor Kathryn’s
amazing love of life by recognizing her values of human expression through art, music, dancing,
and the performing arts. Kathy was on a continuous path of self discovery, exploring her
passions, trying new things, honestly evaluating her skills and values, and not afraid to ask the
hard questions. She is described as being a steadfast leader, taking every opportunity to dance
and have fun without hesitation, and without worrying what others thought.
Our mission is to continue Kayleigh’s legacy and spread her light through scholarships to
graduating seniors as they venture into the world as adults off to college. Candidates are
carefully selected through an application process. We hope this scholarship inspires the
awardees to put passion and conviction into the pursuit of their dreams.
We award a four year scholarship to a new graduating student each year, starting at
$2,500 for the first year, with an additional $500 for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th academic year, giving each awardee the opportunity to receive up to
$13,000 in scholarship funds.

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